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    Connor got a reaction from Siege in to point out the elephant in the room   
    It's a shame it took Resurgence slumping for you to see the error of your ways. Same as I said to Coty, prove to us that Vengeance isn't just your backup clan cause shit went south over there and best of luck to you.
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    Connor reacted to rickjames730 in IRL Pet pictures! SHOW'EM OFF!   
    The dogs doing yoga:


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    Connor reacted to Thomas in Football topic   

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    Connor got a reaction from Rag-Queen in WOW Classic   
    It's not 2007 either but here we all are.
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    Connor got a reaction from Rag-Queen in WOW Classic   
    It's not 2007 either but here we all are.
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    Connor got a reaction from Nostalqia in [Nostalqia] 60 Attack Med   
    Ayy sick post. Love this kinda stuff. Make sure you keep us updated
  7. #vengup
    Connor got a reaction from Hunter in Undefeated in trae's 30m brid tourny! :D   
    Big owner tbh
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    Connor got a reaction from Emil in worst luck   
    Give it to @Origen
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    Connor got a reaction from Bitseach in Guesses for Will's next clan name?   
    Oppression, you saw it here first
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    Connor got a reaction from Emil in April EoM Highlights   
    This is why i'm veng baby
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    Connor reacted to Rag-Queen in Ez   
    Just posted it for the post count tbh
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    Connor reacted to Emil in April EoM Highlights   

    This has been another huge month for the Vikings with an absolute fuck ton of loot to be had & shared with the TBer.
    Keep in mind, this is only a small percentage of the loot covered in the video but there is literally no song long enough to cover all of the juice we have obtained in April.

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    Connor reacted to 1720 in Music Tastes   
    Hiphop mainly
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    Connor got a reaction from wigglywalrus in I did a risk fight with torvesta   
    Why would you post this lmao
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    Connor reacted to Siege in GMT Wednesday ft. Prep With Liths Crashed by ROT + CT   
    was fun af, ngl im kinda glad rot and ct crashed that 2v2 was litty lol 
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    Connor reacted to Robbert in IRL Pet pictures! SHOW'EM OFF!   
    Recently got a new dog, kinda barks alot, but the leash is great. Barely bites tho, lil beta pupper

    On topic tho, my cat has a cute nose

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    Connor got a reaction from Sybren in New Vid   
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    Connor got a reaction from Sybren in New Vid   
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    Connor got a reaction from Sybren in GMT Shows Superiority   

    Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan?
    Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/
    Our Wednesday started off strong with a trip to rev caves where we ran into what looked like VR and SV, a scrap ensued for about 3 minutes before we took an easy win. Next time we saw the same group out they appeared to be joined by another open cc bringing their ops to 30+ which we were unable to handle at the time so we decided to leave as we didn't fancy a 3v1 down 15 ops! We transitioned around the wilderness where we made absolute bank running into no competition whatsoever, Enjoy our lootations!

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    Connor reacted to 1720 in GMT Shows Superiority   
    they called every open cc shooter and put on teamcapes after that easy scrap 
    gf vr
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    Connor got a reaction from wigglywalrus in The "Sharkbrew Warrior" Starter Pack   

    This is the best effort you're getting out of me.
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    Connor got a reaction from wigglywalrus in The "Sharkbrew Warrior" Starter Pack   

    This is the best effort you're getting out of me.
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    Connor got a reaction from Local_News in Lets see your ink   

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    Connor reacted to Jely in Destiny Members in Vengeance - Jely's Perspective   
    Destiny Members in Vengeance
    Jely's Perspective

    Many of you will likely have seen the most recent attempt to discredit Vengeance (if the relentless lot haven't since launched another attack), posted on Sharkbrew. I know I don't need to tell you, but take everything that was said with a pinch of salt. At best its tangentially plausible, at worst its blatantly false.

    A couple of months ago, moob and I were running Destiny with a lot of help from Stremmy, who spent an immense amount of time organising and managing the Discord server and CC account (this guy is a legend, you're all lucky to have him). I started in the clan having left Blaze, which Jack Regal helped to lead. From the offset in Blaze, my understanding was that the clan's ethos and values had been modelled on Vengeance's ethos of maturity and respect as a way of trying to provide a means of PKing in multi to those who wouldn't necessarily have met the high Vengeance requirements for membership of the clan. It was, on the whole, quite successful. However, at the time, the leadership wasn't particularly active and the clan infrastructure just did not exist.

    I joined Destiny as soon as it broke off from Blaze and began to actively recruit and organise events/PK trips, slowly building up the discord and crafting what was essentially a small PK Team into something that resembled a pretty active clan, minus the forums and fancy GFX. I intended to carry over to Destiny the same ethos which had been established in Blaze. It served its purpose and outlasted all expectations ("I give it 2 weeks" - Jack Regal). It was a way to bring the PK/clanning community to people who wouldn't have met the requirements here or elsewhere, and a way to help people who frankly weren't great at PKing get better. Moob and I built the clans activity up to a point where we could hold our own, at least for 10 minutes or so, against Vengeance, Avalon and other clans, whilst also running regular Smite trips that would make around 400m a trip. It was pretty insane. I keep referring to it as a half-way house between community pking and actual clanning. I still stand by the idea as I think there is a real shortage of this kind of institution in the osrs PK community.

    During this time I spoke regularly to Spoontech, Zewy and other members of Vengeance, in the process of organising inter-clan events, and I am, and always was aware that Local News, Moob and other Vengeance members such as Yulk were in contact with Vengeance. This was never a problem. If members wished to join Vengeance because they felt that Vengeance would be able to provide them with more of what they wanted, that was fine. I even spoke about the possibility of joining myself, and regularly discussed this with moob and Local News. There was nothing underhand going on. Spoontech wasn't trying to 'snipe members'. In fact, if I could be bothered trawling through the discord, I could find you the message where he said to me "LOL you know i'm just trying to get you to join Vengeance and bring your boys with you" or something to that effect. It wasn't something shady that was happening under our nose and that we just didn't see, it was something that we were all quite happy with because we all believed it served the interests of both our communities.

    Unfortunately, due to university commitments I became quite inactive and resigned as a leader of Destiny. Moob, too, had commitments of his own, and after a discussion with the rest of the staff we weighed up possible options for the future of the clan. We decided amongst ourselves, contrary to the quiet objections of Glooming, Kwala and the other very inactive staff, that the best way to keep the community together was to have everyone merge with Vengeance. The agreement was not rank without application, it was that we could apply, and if not accepted, would still be able to join the community and PK together at certain events. In hindsight it was probably a little ambitious because Destiny did have a lot of pretty poor quality PKers, but I stand by the integrity with which that decision was made. It was ultimately not an easy decision, but I believe it was the right one. There was no brainwashing as has been alluded to. As I said from the start, Destiny was built upon the very same principles as Vengeance, and, indeed, was modelled upon them, so it was not something that happened because Vengeance somehow infiltrated Destiny and caused an implosion from within. Bollocks.

    Having encountered Vengeance's opposition over the last couple of days, on a personal level via discord and online forums, as well as in-game, I have decided to make an application to join Vengeance and show my support for what you stand for. I look forward to making my application and eventually PKing with you all.

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    Connor reacted to Local_News in Destiny Members in Vengeance - Jely's Perspective   

    I am largely responsible for encouraging our movement over here, and that was done off my experiences while interacting with the other clans as a captain. While looking at the rest of the scene it was a pretty easy choice. 


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