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  1. Show us your 19/20 kits 8/10 for me
  2. Can't stand the music but the event looks undeniably amazing
  3. It's a shame it took Resurgence slumping for you to see the error of your ways. Same as I said to Coty, prove to us that Vengeance isn't just your backup clan cause shit went south over there and best of luck to you.
  4. Dortmund will bottle it as usual
  5. Eredivisie: Who cares? PL: Man shitty BDL: Bayern Munich La Liga: Barcelona UCL: Barcelona if they sign Griezmann and Neymar
  6. Our season in a few gifs
  7. Can't hear u talk I speak guapanese

  8. It's not 2007 either but here we all are.
  9. I'll be straight on this, I recovered my account ready for when they release it. Haven't played since the end of WOTLK. I'm pumped
  10. Oh nvm then lmfao thought you were being full retard
  11. @wigglywalrus app location?
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We hit the caves for our daily profit pk trip, we ran into VR a few times so we decided to set up a clean fight. We fought each other for over an hour in what was a every even fight, we had a couple of opts on them the entire time so respect to them for fighting. Midway through the fight we got crashed by DK but we managed to clear them with ease. CL decided they wanted to join the party so us and VR teamed on crash. After clearing the crashers we decided to take ending after over an hour of fighting. GF VR and respect from Vengeance #Vengup LOOTATIONS:
  13. Good shit killing those moi noobs


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