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  1. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We started off our night with a quiet trip to rev caves claiming loot and clearing teams where we could, remaining mostly uncontested apart from the odd 50 man open ballista cc who we'd obviously, much rather avoid. Later on due to the number of mains intruding the pure scene as of late we decided to mass up for P2P Sunday to see what kind action we could find - we were not disappointed when we ran into DK trying to snipe pure fights. We skirmished with them the entire night back and forth picking of their members until ROT turned up to clear them. As most of this happened below 20 wilderness we were beyond the reach of ROT's high combat levels so there was nothing left to do other than target pure clans renowned for crashing and bringing mains. We finished the night by heading to altar where we always seem to make a hefty profit, tonight was no exception. Thanks to everyone who attended what was a very fun and profitable night for Vengeance. Looties below;
  2. Welcome dude, nice account. Good to have you here
  3. Hey dude welcome, good to have you here
  4. Lmfao what the fuck, the Thomas loot compilation. Good shit boys nonetheless
  5. Welcome to our forums mate, come hang in discord some time
  6. Yo Yo Yo

    Welcome bro, be sure to sort out a discord and come chill with us!
  7. Vengeance wins again, GJ lads and respect to Destiny for giving us action also huge tune in the video
  8. Welcome to our forums Mark, good to have you here
  9. Question is, WHEN ARE WE SEEING YOUR APP!? haha welcome back bro
  10. Jack taught you? you must be a pro welcome mate
  11. Welcome bro, good to have you here.
  12. Nice to meet you bro, I studied popular music in uni. Good to see we have something in common


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