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  1. Had to dip midway through the fight but had a blast! Nice performance and thanks for the fight resurgence :b
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Let the feasting begin

  3. Zzzz veng needs a rivalry... where is Avalon??
  4. Looked fun! Much thanks to destiny for giving us some more cwa practice
  5. Dammit trae, I'm blaming you when all veng stakes our banks away haha
  6. Dammit zewy stop tugging our heart strings or imma cry haha On a serious note, our growth has been unreal this month im so happy to see veng getting back to its prime and even past that at this rate. Looking forward to improve alongside all you guys this month. And sybren, thanks for keeping your doors open when things got rough. The community here is undoubtedly the best in RS Thanks for the promotion. Love you guys
  7. Very nice and welcome to veng!
  8. Had some great laughs and a lot of fun on this trip! Veng up bois!!
  9. Great performance boys only going to get better from here


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