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  1. uhh youve never done anything on this acc noob I mean are you almost done or are we almost done with building that acc ok fair you got the void
  2. uhh youve never done anything on this acc noob
  3. Finally posting an update on my 60 attack med level. It's been approximately 3 months since my first progress post http://tastevengeance.com/forums/topic/18413-new-med-build/?p=248810 I'm now 90% done with my account - Incomplete goals: Quest Cape Infernal Cape All Hard Diaries 1750 Total Level 90 Herblore #1 Med Build BTW take a step back @@Fatigues
  4. it was fun boys! stay tuned for more pst/est trips =D
  5. yeeeeeeeee happy new year
  6. hopefully you can hang onto those zgs' now =D
  7. Trojan Squad

    on 4 brews on 4 brews i could make a rap with that shit happy now? =(


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