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  1. Damnnnnnnnn this is old

    The interface like the equipment tab etc brings back so many memories.... god i miss the glory days..
  2. Im GMT but dont get a lot of time to play right now plus my account is trash.
  3. Looks like you guys had fun and made bank GG
  4. Congratz this is an awesome achievement.
  5. Hi Vengeance.

    1) What is your name? Craig 2) What is your age? 23 3) Where are you located? Scotland 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Just stumbled upon you guys while looking to find any Tank/Zerk clans i just started playing again and wasn't sure if there were any out there. 5) Do you plan on joining Vengeance? Times not really on my side at the moment to be attending trips and stuff as well as my account being no where near ready for it. 6) Tell us about yourself: Well my names Craig i stay in Scotland im a Scaffolder just started playing OSRS again played for a long time since classic right the way up to EOC then quit. Was mostly in MPC clans like Defiance,Hazard,Zenith and others hopefully i can get my account ready and find the time to apply for Vengeance.


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