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  1. Epic intro! Hope to see you apply
  2. Fi Danny as the rank in Fatality?
  3. 60 attack is the best combat bracket if you want to 1V1.
  4. Seba

    Thanks bro! I'll idle on discord and probably going to apply. West-Vl, maar in Gent gestudeerd!
  5. Sick bro! Our mindset is simulair, add me: Cloet. I only started grinding tough
  6. Seba

    1) What is your name? Seba 2) What is your age? 25 3) Where are you located? Belgium / GMT+1 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Was an intro/app before Veng closed. Went from a maxed g mauler to zerker last week. Googled for a zerk clan/community and found out you guys reopenend! Jay! 5) Tell us about yourself: I do business IRL and try to afk at work play at night.
  7. Lol schmepic! If storm of arma is coming back too, I'll make a tank for sure! Dayyyyum
  8. WOOOOO that's a badass zerk bro! Finish off with 99 pray since u got the 99 attack...
  9. Strength is aids /no offence Anyway, starting to look good IMO http://imgur.com/a/nNdk0
  10. Sup sup, nice to see you intro
  11. Why get slayer up when you can pk darkbows from newbs


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