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  1. Dayum good shit guys!
  2. We went out and feasted in the wildy took some sick kill pics and had a great time Looties: #VengUp
  3. The First portion will be loots from the late night squad ravaging the Rev Caves. No Survivors Allowed. We kill everything during late nights. Starting us off with a BGS Smite! Loots: {BGS PK} Next Up are trips from a Singles Pk trip! We ran into multiple small teams and equal ops teams so we couldn't get all the pictures. But trust me there was a good amount of kills and it worked as good practice! Loots: #VengUp!
  4. We dont talk about what happened.
  5. We went out on a trip tonight hungry for bracelets and loot. Managed to get everyone tons of bracelets and even snagged a +1! (Seventh Picture) Starting out with @@Whisper2Me k0ing a pure in singles! Thanks everybody who came! Loots:
  6. These are some kills we recorded over the past couple late night trips. These are some fun small man trips that takes place between 11 PM and 5 AM. This first section will be multi pk kills, further down the list will be singles pking kills. Multi Pking Loots: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next up are Singles pking kills Singles Loots:


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