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  1. <3, I get a giggle everytime i see the pmod loggo in clan spams. Lul thanks for the interest guys, I got friends where i'm currently at not big into clan hopping if i can help it.
  2. Woaw what a high quality applicant @Acuno. The hero we deserve
  3. people die in singles it isn't a big deal. respect for gearing up to fight someone you know probably outclasses you. snorevesta is pretty sweaty. i respect it.
  4. solid topic, nice lootations. looks like some lost single boys using annakarl return?
  5. Hey Jely Enjoyed fighting against you guys the other day cheers for the fight. Best of Luck in Vengeance, look forward to seeing you out and about in the wilderness soon. "whilst also running regular Smite trips that would make around 400m a trip." -> I would be super interested to see links to these topics, I enjoy browsing old pk topics.
  6. ye fair enough, it's a hot mess now anyways. Guess i'll see you boys on weekends. Gl Gl
  7. Fight us in cwa? spies don't do diddly squat there.... we tried clean action, active response from your ranks was to "starve us out".... Here we are....... Your in for a treat ye u got me. Vengeance is the only clan capable of having a community.
  8. Lul connor <3, I'm barely active atm, Summer stuff is starting up for me. I dunno m8, shits about to get retarded it's gonna be fun for the memes, Lots of my old friends are in venge, I like reading the topics. What's the point of having a forums if only your own clan reads it? Also If a rank has an issue with me i'm sure i'll get booted. No idea who you are. I mean, you guys know all about about single to multi . See you guys next weekend
  9. Do you guys believe your own spam topics? No flame legit curious
  10. pics glitched : (, looks like fun trip doe
  11. Our lazy sunday warriors started getting thirsty in the early afternoon. Rounding up a large pull of a varying 4-8 warriors we stopped by the classic pk locations to see what was available for free looties. Encountering nothing notable at gvz/venny/rev caves aside from a brief interlude of having 20+ javelins shoved up our posteriors by ibylys we moseyed over to Altar to derp around for a couple of hours. Despite spending the majority of our time barrage clumping/claw speccing allied clan-members we managed to snag a few cheeky singles pkers that were lured in with our flagrant ineptitude. Between the various boner pks and a multitude of entertaining multi/single scraps with other small mans we managed to scrape together enough kill pics for a topic. Hampered primarily by our own members inability to follow basic commands like pressing the Prnt Scrn button and entering there pictures in the pk loot channel I present Vengeances Sunday Scuttle. Cheers to all the friendly neighborhood roaches that attended
  12. topic of the month always warms my heart. gaw bless beaut post as always.
  13. Went out for a little fieldtrip with some of the friendly neighborhood roaches. We started at altar but couldn't find much and wandered our way over to ldg then gvz, Had 3/4 friendly scraps with latin crew and happily walked away with pockets full of mystic sets and a cheeky bulwark smite for our trusty wizard. Cheers to all the boyos who came out


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