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  1. learn prayer switches is probably #1 priority
  2. I get 500k of nmz points for ranged with thomas's monsters over 2 hours
  3. Donations to me are welcome Good shit my guy
  4. I love pest control, it's my favorite minigame... The Heavy Ballista is required for a 60 ATK Zerk right? The Slayer requirement took me the longest to get, however, I managed to unlock get the Slayer helm, Slayer rings, and Superiors during that time period. I don't know whether I should be happy that I completed this quest or should hang myself because I lost my White Graceful outfit when I was trying to get to Ardougne from Edgeville. ---> These are my stats now compared to my last post. As soon as I get 90 Ranged, quest for 55 Prayer, and 94 Magic, I'll apply.
  5. Congratulations Spoon! You're a beast
  6. Massive gains man, I fucking love it
  7. Fremennik Trials, the quest that defines a Zerker. I decided to get the +4 Melee strength bonus with @Brocaine since he lost his Fighter Torso and Slayer helm... My first ever Fire Cape which took me a total of 5 tries. Took me about two weeks to get the 20,000 Exp lamp which I can't even use on Runecrafting. The infamous Rune Defender itself, took 5 minutes to get from Mithril to Rune. -----> My stats as of today compared to last week's post. I want to thank everyone for following me on this journey and there's definitely more to come. My next goals are to get 94 Magic, Full Void, and become a member to the clan. Oh yeah, they talk about my White Graceful too @Shottix
  8. I will in the future when I start Slayer!
  9. The past few days since I last posted have been a constant grind. From questing nonstop and skilling for quest requirements, I felt a little burnt out. So I decided to go to the Fight Caves and get myself a Fire Cape, I mean, what else is going to give me adrenaline and a heart attack? Overall, it was not until my 5th try when I finally received my cape due to some tips given to me by @Shottix. Anyways, I also want to share a couple tips of mine (based on my deaths) that help me through the Fight Caves. 1st Death: Never stand in combat range from the Level 360. He can one-shot you. 2nd Death: Bring more Saradomin Brews if you have never finished through Fight Caves before. I brought 8 and lasted until Wave 59. 3rd Death: ALWAYS Protect from Magic from Wave 31 onward. If the Level 180 is coming towards you, do not switch to Protect from Melee if the Level 360 and Level 90 are still alive. 4th Death: Do not panic during Jad. When the healers arrive, use the prayer Steel Skin for 15% extra Defense and tag each of them while focusing on Jad. DO NOT let all 4 Healers hit you all at once. 5th try (Fire Cape obtained): Know your Fight Cave Rotations. Know where the Level 22s spawn on Wave 1 and Wave 2 and where the Level 45 spawn on Wave 3. Knowing these 3 spawns allow you to know each and every spawn for the rest of the Waves, including Jad. Here's the link: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/TzHaar_Fight_Cave/Rotations Finally, if you're using a Blowpipe, you have to understand that it's Special Attack also heals you. I found this out the hard way.
  10. Finished another milestone quest that gives Defense experience along with A Soul's Bane, What Lies Below, Nature Spirit, In Search of Myreque and In Aid of Myreque. ---> My stats now after completing quests up to Monkey Madness compared to my last Level 3 to Zerker post (5 days ago). Ended with 40 Quest Points last time, gained 65. Next up: Barrows Gloves, Fighter Torso, Rune Defender and White Graceful.


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