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  1. All done with Zulrah I guess
  2. gz man, wait you were the person I ran bones for tf?
  3. You're jacked brother, to bad no pet
  4. 91 combat then I'm applying
  5. 79,688 High Level Alchemy and 31,305 Strung Jewelry later...
  6. learn prayer switches is probably #1 priority
  7. I get 500k of nmz points for ranged with thomas's monsters over 2 hours
  8. Donations to me are welcome Good shit my guy
  9. I love pest control, it's my favorite minigame... The Heavy Ballista is required for a 60 ATK Zerk right? The Slayer requirement took me the longest to get, however, I managed to unlock get the Slayer helm, Slayer rings, and Superiors during that time period. I don't know whether I should be happy that I completed this quest or should hang myself because I lost my White Graceful outfit when I was trying to get to Ardougne from Edgeville. ---> These are my stats now compared to my last post. As soon as I get 90 Ranged, quest for 55 Prayer, and 94 Magic, I'll apply.


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