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  1. Hey man sorry you couldn’t walk more than 2 squares in cwa yesterday welcome to the boards
  2. Not this African again......
  3. Feelin real upset zewy didn't announce my member status. I thought we had something special.

    1. Sybren


      4n man disspoint 2

    2. TheDark


      wow @Zewy, you gunna do this man dirty like that?

  4. App be in later today had some cwas and single spell fights to attend lol
  5. 1) What is your name? Coty 2) What is your age? 26 3) Where are you located? Tennessee 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? been in the scene a long time 5) Tell us about yourself: Dad Husband Fisherman Welder
  6. Rylan, my boy. Welcome.
  7. Flame off Larin. <3 you bro
  8. yoooooo, another one of my boys.
  9. My dude! where's my 25m btw?! Glad to see you here.


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