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  1. thanks sybren, will do definitely thanks man
  2. 1) What is your name? Dave 2) What is your age? I am 19 3) Where are you located? Liverpool, United Kingdom 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? I am have been here before however lost interest in Osrs back then. 5) Tell us about yourself: My name is David, I am 19 and I have just finished 3 years studying at college. I plan too come back too Osrs and finish my zerker and have it maxed out combat wise. Here are a picture of my stats:
  3. Goodluck with sales my dude
  4. Awesome goal to achieve bro, keep it coming
  5. Awesome mate, when my account is ready I can't wait too be on the pet hunt
  6. 94 mage

    Congratulations mate! Such a great feeling
  7. as a lure?

    I think items lost on death go off of Grand exchange value now not 100% sure though
  8. a bit Dks. Ed:)

    Awesome loots brother


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