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  1. Epic night ! to much fun ! If you enjoy having a positive outlook on this game and getting clean action then Veng is the clan for you! fk me fk me
  2. I do something new age where I implement Snatch/Clean Jerk as the start of every workout and end it with a serious body building session, so I reap the rewards from the added strength from putting my body under loads in certain positions # Mobility then put individual types of muscle fibres under stress with low weights heavy reps with mad time under tension. Sitting at XXXL 6 3
  3. the bad luck is only beginning my king
  4. got cleaned at arena peaked at 240, lost everything! I mean everything! Turned 10m-211 on big boi bets swiftly after on yolo rolls, i got the RNG and next time at arma godwars il be coming with an acb at least
  5. ate Christmas cookies filled with animals
  6. Stupid-white-angry-naked-gorillas ​SYOAK


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