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  1. Hope everything goes well man!
  2. Clean and straight forward bank setups are the way to winning fights, winning fights = more lewts. Great post!
  3. Dream team

    Oooooo boys dat rnggggggg
  4. Really these kinds of choices come down to what you have access to already, and what you use your acc for. If its your only acc, 75 def gives you access to more items that will help out in pvm and singles, but if you cant afford those items then 75 def is a waste. On the other side, if you dont pk in singles or bh/w25 then the 1cb doesnt hurt you at all. Another option is going 80 att/70 def, which is what I did personally on my med because I only use it for multi pking. 80/70 will end up maxing the same as 75/75 while giving you a decent increase in accuracy
  5. impressive man! Good job!
  6. Hey Lotty! Long time no see! GL with your clan, best wishes, and Im glad to see you are still going strong with your old goals!
  7. Opinions

    pls no pvm events, Ouija luck too strong already, doesnt need extra incentive
  8. These look really sick! Well done Leaks!!! Gratz to everyone who won!


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