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  1. Updated with new pet and total exp.
  2. Yo Yo Yo

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Either chin/barrage it or just afk it in nmz
  4. Hey, welcome to the forums.
  5. Currently I'm not maxed, and I'm just grinding money. Pretty sure I've made this sort of thread on these forums before when I was a zerker, but this time I'm a lot farther and it'll be a lot slower so this is more of an achievement/completionist gallery that I'll occasionally update more then anything. Green = complete, red = incomplete. Total Level: 2124/2192 Total Exp: 274 Million/500 Million Quest Points: 266/266 Currently working on: Money Total Pets: 9 Hunting: Mole Skilling Outfits: Rogue, Lumberjack, Prospector, Angler, Farmer, Pyromancer Barbarian Assault: Runner Hat, Healer Hat, Runner Gloves, Fighters Torso, Pennance Skirt Castle Wars: Zamorak Halo, Sara Halo, Guthix Halo, Gold decorative armor Pest Control: Elite Void, 3 Helms, Void Mace Achievement Diaries: Elites 10/10, Desert Hard Slayer: KQ Helm, KBD Helm, Vorkath Helm, Skotizo Helm, Abyssal Helm, Herb Sack, Slayer Rings, Zuk Tasks Trouble Brewing: Black Naval, Red Naval, Gray Naval, Blue Naval, Purple Naval, Green Naval, Phasmatys Flag Graceful: White, Arceuus, Hosidius, Lovakengj, Piscarilius, Shayzien, Brimhaven Champions Cape (Scrolls): Giant, Ghoul, Earth Warrior, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Imp Scroll, Jogre , Lesser Demon, Zombie, Human
  6. Hello there winne.
  7. ezpz

    congrats brother
  8. Welcome to the forums bud
  9. Welcome to the forums pal
  10. Introduction

    Look forward to your app bud


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