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  1. If you see "UkY" in v public just hit me up. I'll do a few rounds with you
  2. Keep your hp high and your prayer switches on point. The offence will come after you have got the defence down my man!
  3. Veng coming in strong again boys let's keep it going!
  4. Quick ags pk

    Ez muniz
  5. You will get there man, you have shown the dedication so the rest will fall into place. Just don't give up bro!
  6. Look forward to seeing your app!
  7. Welcome, good luck on stat gains!
  8. Think a singles trips is needed tonight, don't you think lads?

    1. JackRegal


      i will agree on that

    2. Zewy


      I am trying to get out ofgoing out of town. In which case im fucking down.

    3. Sybren


      I hear people like singles from time to time so why not!


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