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  1. its best in slot prayer and stab lol. and it gives +6 magic attack bonus. Its mainly for deep wildy pking helps with them dds specs. dds only has +40 stab so adding a additional +6 15% more accuracy really helps when you're only 60 attack.
  2. don't understand the hype behind the boots but gradz working on ardy cape 4 on my tank/rune pure rn
  3. 2nd +1 smite this week ahah arma c bow now ags https://i.imgur.com/5l7aoyk.png
  4. working on a list ill of targets you can/cant bh telly to. so far this for my 83-90 cb bracket. ======= BOT's ------------- donnydankers- air orbs green drags. raise hell30 4jlvfc4v4lx xvicenxcityx franckvnzla 44's looters somaelbhere- icu cc shuler sweetfurious aliens246- soy l3y3nda-noob range/melee __ REVS -------- the turkeee _______________________ SKIP TARGETS ----------------------------------- ota skuli. ca ignisitty- bgs lure. minc jr purge ace pantalone purge tber miracle sun f my bumhole mistakeable lowriders f34rlascim rusher\ kids ranqe mage bank w tber pet theif big lil boi zhavia mrmetokur smartman69 world series brayloy1 muddy lake songed teamscuttland
  5. lol

  6. runlite made me dc a lot this week somethings wrong with it
  7. revs loot

    https://i.imgur.com/zK1TQ3I.png all from a lv 79 pure. lol
  8. op

    wildy slayer + revs caves multi Training spots=op https://i.imgur.com/TXAxOQW.png
  9. like what proceed with caution my virgin eared friends ah i use to listen to alot of deathcore when i was in my teens emmure and born of osiris was my fav bands.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwkLbeEYz6E
  11. skull tricking is too ez thx m8 https://i.imgur.com/RCwrx63.png
  12. returning to ca to train as normal. see this whale skulled up already. had the tb's ready and 1 shot this man for 10m thank you sweet jeezus https://i.imgur.com/dcZxoiA.png
  13. i got mace. i could 1hp dh revs on my main to get ppl to skull up with +1's


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