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  1. New Vid

    You sick @Connor, nice vid!
  2. I doubt it’s winnie, known him for years. especially with such a ‘low amount of money’ with all due respect. it’s shit though:/ you’re password or anything hasn’t been changed? Weird situation this. hope you can figure out who or what happend..
  3. great activity lads! keep it up
  4. looking sick already! keep it up
  5. sick month again, Best zerk/tank/med clan!
  6. sick 99, i'm not looking forward to getting it myself someday.. GRATZ!
  7. i don't give them any attention, waste of my time..
  8. damn you've been going hard @Local_News gratz man!
  9. with that attitude and propaganda res is going to have another thing coming, you can only talk bullshit for so long.. the truth will out. apps are open btw, i know you're reading this.
  10. good starting point! keep this updated, love to see more welcome to the boards.


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