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  1. Welcome to the boards Lukas! glad you’ve found us, if you need anything let me know:) - Ben
  2. Welcome to the boards Hector! hope to see your application soon, if you have any questions be sure to let me know:) - Ben
  3. sick man, don't get cleaned now haha
  4. Welcome to the boards @lookindude
  5. Welcome to the boards @Kp3 if you need any help with the application process, be sure to hit me up! Join V Public ingame, join and idle in Discord and Teamspeak get to know people and i'm excited to see your app in the near future - Ben #2720
  6. Welcome to the boards Ian! make sure to idle in v public ingame, and connect to our TS and Disc if you're interested in joining if you need anything, let me know! Ben #2720
  7. goooood goood gooood! Frem boots are sick
  8. sick Bas! also pretty good rng on the drops.
  9. Good shit lads! looks like you made some decent money as well
  10. biiggg!!!! @Robbert https://tastevengeance.com/forums/forum/137-applications/
  11. sick gains @Thomas, keep it up
  12. Welcome to the forums @Il_Delta be sure to join V public ingame, and idle on Teamspeak and Disc whenever you're on if you need anything let me know! -Ben #2720
  13. Welcome to the boards if you need anything, be sure to let me know! - Ben #2720


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