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  1. Hopefully it stops idiots being idiots, I doubt it though...
  2. im fkin dead

    Watch this first
  3. Jake's +1 Gallery

    Fucking oath jakey
  4. Client

    Heard conduit is pretty good
  5. I do, just have to time your venges right and people only fight me when Im in void. Dbow with drag throwing axe is good and ballista spec is pretty much our range version of ags. 99 def is good for all aspects of the gamrle especially pve and deep wildy where we really shine.
  6. Wonder if i can run discord and osrs at the same time on mobile
  7. top pic!! he just nabbed it before ground pic, but totally understandable in rev caves with how volatile they are shiiiit didnt even see it in his invent, but @@Avidius is welcome for my call on the level 92 and my freezes haha
  8. Good job boys, dont forget about the dragon cbow +1 as well!
  9. All he needs is a mullet to go with it.


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