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  1. Sold all my items, kinda just get on to talk to a few people now. Got boring
  3. I think he only has 1 pair of pants and they must've been dirty that one night LMFAO
  4. What's this all about now? I don't recall
  5. I hope to get it by the the end of the week And hey!
  6. Haven't seen your name is a very long time lol. Hope you've been well
  7. Your mad cause you don't remember what its like to see a loot pile on the ground. Did you see they made an update for you? Go ahead and put your whole bank into GE. item: "necklace of faith" He's used to dying and respawning without an ags in his inv
  8. Exactly the main point of this topic. I just deleted some unneeded replies (negativity). People saying I don't have any respect towards any of the high ranks that have once been in Vengeance clearly don't know me. Example: I'll always appreciate all the effort and time @@Tyy has put into the clan when he was leading Vengeance with me, even tho he went full retard afterwards and scammed in multiple clans. you mean @@Miltz ..? I think he's saying that even though Tyy scammed and was an idiot, he appreciates the things he did for the clan when he was the leader. I think it goes without saying that EVERYONE appreciates the things @@Miltz @@Grabbin and all the other ranks did for the clan as well.
  9. Ya well I got ready and asked where you were and you said where and I wasn't about to get all those items on. Bank standing suited me nicely
  10. World 66 next? btw 900th post


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