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  1. can respect the grind, keep it up
  2. sweet, dont get cleaned this time
  3. Decided to do some pet grinding on a boss that's pretty laid back and decent money: armadyl: Goal: armadyl pet on two accounts Current kc: 1616 and 350 Drops Pets:0/2 Helms:5 [20m] Hilts:4 [52m] Chain shirts:7 [294m] Chestplates:5 [235m] Total: ~601m [cost: each trip is ~45 armadyl kills and takes about 800 black chins, 500/750 blood barrages, couple 100 diamond dragon bolts + brews/rests] How I do it: The two accounts I kill armadyl on remain at the armadyl lair. When I run out of supplies I teleport outside of the room where a third account restocks both accounts. this way I don't need to obtain kc or get keys. All Drops In order [I think]
  4. Melee gear you would actually take into the wild Bis mage gear (which you wouldnt take into the wild) Bis range gear (wouldnt take into the wild) So yea chain-mace wins by a long shot + just noticed I didn't even turn on melee prayers for the mace.
  5. As some of you might know I offer MMII mage / range training. Until now I haven't shared the spreadsheet that I made to estimate experience rates/runes required. However, after some thought, I've decided to make the spreadsheet public So without much further ado: Bursting/Barraging MMII Tunnels: Google Sheets MMII Bursting & Barraging Chinning MMII Tunnels: Google sheets MMII Chinning As some might notice it's based on the groundbreaking dps calc by bitterkoekje adjusted by me for accurate mmII mage and range calculations (within 5%) Shameless plug If you are looking for any chinning or mage training done feel free to join my discord below and contact me about pricing. I also rent out mm2 alt accounts to pile walk making it practically afk, (discounted for vengeance members (example on how this works: ) Pricing: Pricing on chinning and maging varies on the gear/goal/method. pm me for a quote Shuffle alts: Normal rate: One account: 15m for 48 hours 30m for a week Two accounts: 25m for 48 hours 50m for a week Veng members rate: One account: 7.5m for 48 hours 15m for a week Two accounts: 12.5mm for 48 hours 25m for a week Contacting me: Discord: under constr#9544 Or press the signature below.
  6. Chainmace on defensive , craws is shit since it has defense level of 395 and 200 range defense bonus vs -10 crush defense bonus.
  7. pogchamp id follow but don't wanna break my 110 cb legacy ;-)
  8. not even mm2 quested, yikes ;-)
  9. if you got a t bow and a blowpipe you can pretty much do all bosses with maxed "efficiency"


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