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  1. Was such a fun, different sort of pvp event on this fine sunday I loved it! I might be hosting the sunday event a bit earlier so gmt can enjoy longer of the sudnay trip.
  2. I can't exactly remember the names but I think it was: Tree spirit, vampire, bear, king roald, khazard warrior
  3. Really nice progress and lootations. Some times throughout the day do really work out well!
  4. heya Andy, Welcome to Vengeance Forums mate
  5. Hello fellow dad Welcome to Vengeance man, hope to see you join soon!
  6. It's a grind but damn worth it enjoy it!
  7. Loot from Zulrah

    all bout that luck and grind keep goin!
  8. Hello Ollie, Welcome to Vengeance's Forums mate hoping to see you join us officially soon so you can start joining our pk trips straight away! Have a nice stay!
  9. Yo Yo Yo

    Heya Sam, Welcome to Veng Forums brotha Get discord to get to know us, idle in the cc as well. Have a nice stay!
  10. Hello Danny, Welcome to back to Vengeance's forums mate Very nice to see you back here. Hope to see that app soon as well this time XD Have a nice stay!
  11. Respect brether, we're looking forward to the next one! We should do this weekly we can all only improve from these fights I LOVED the fight btw! Was clean, no flame, intense fight from start to finish both sides kept going hard. Them cwa people sure are a whole other story XD PS I missed a sally trip? noooooo
  12. Hello @Blunt Mark, I appreciate you liking our website. We've been getting loads of great feedback from the rest of the clanning world. So you're already part of something liked by many Hoping to see your community of full member application soon. That way you can instantly get trial rank and join our daily trips Take your time, good luck and have fun! It's totally worth it if you check out our aftermath topics
  13. The fight vs Destiny was pretty epic. Huge respect for them improving so fast in a short period, I noticed the increase in combat levels and new amount of meds. We're looking forward to do these weekly :) GOOD JOB VENG#

  14. Hello DAniel Welcome to VEng Forums bud ^^ Hope you join us ASAP as well. We're on a roll right now with the pk trips! Have a nice stay!
  15. In case you guys don't have phones, check out the chance to win a Razer Phone 2! Soundtrack Vinyls and CDs are also hitting retailers in time for Christmas! View the full article


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