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  1. wtf bank was made, I wanne do this as well !
  2. Hello Jason, Welcome to Vengeance's Forums bud Very interesting intro / history you've got there, was a nice read. You're looking very promising. The clan world is still going and needs more experienced/capable people for sure. For some reason I'm liking the age as well. The big 3 is coming up next year for me. Hoping to see more from you in the future! GLHF add me on discord btw Sybren#4277
  3. Someday a hobbit called Aert will show up at my door and he'll give me 100 big boy tank return sets CONGRATZ BADASS MOFO TRAE
  4. Welcome to VEngeance's Forums Noah! Hope to see you join us officially soon! Add me on discord Sybren#4277
  5. To bad it was getting to late for me to continue, y'all seemed to continue the fun for hours! Was such an active day! Good job!
  6. Great performance from both sides, I had some phat drags/clumps tho gj vengies
  7. We did so well in that fight I never died with food in my invent, easy tanks with ma new set up. Slow start, but tbh right before PD came in it was purple dots all over da place XD
  8. Damn, money was made good sht man and gratz!
  9. Add elite void to that list @Buckshot ;D Also, sick pk ready med build man, you were so fast with it!
  10. @makaveli I remember you from RD days I was Scapie back then, just a high council/webmaster. Welcome!
  11. Holy shit that was actually so much fun to watch bro 2 clients open and doing sht like that, banging all them out
  12. No way XD brb I'm getting back on the pest control recruit grind!
  13. oh shit, big boy belgium robbert gratz makker! ziet er mooi uit! wat is de volgende?
  14. This week sees the release of increased utility for boss heads and further Chambers of Xeric Chambers changes. View the full article


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