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  1. Dayum insane trips I've been missing lately
  2. Forum Name

    I just did it once for ya Any donation gives you the perk to do it yourself in the future tho
  3. This week sees the release of the Hosidius house rework on Kourend! View the full article
  4. Woaaah, these aftermaths put a big smile on my face - Great job Origen! Big movement!
  5. The first of several blogs from Player Support promised in our message to the community - Upgrading Systems. View the full article
  6. what did you win tho I'd love to do that in varrock multi one day XD
  7. A topic we like to see! Made some decent money training that slay It's a nice way to train up and high slayer comes in handy! We're looking forward to see more of your progression, keep us tuned!
  8. Reminded me of the good ole' days hella fun fire blastin some ROON
  9. That's a very nice achievement and emote man congratz!
  10. Good to know, now I'll never even try it XD
  11. Karma's a b*tch and Dalton knows all about it :D #bigmouthlilheart

    1. Emil


      Imagine giving Council rank to that spastic :XHIYSh5: Only downsyndrome kids would argue against it

  12. This week sees the release of changes to the Seed Vault, other various Farming improvements, and rebalancing of existing content. View the full article
  13. Looking pretty good man. Try to get some diaries done as well, very helpful and 1500+ total


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